Decatur Taxidermy

Ken and Kesia Harlan are happy to announce that the 2013-2014 hunting season begins Decatur Taxidermy’s second decade of preserving your trophies and hunting memories! We have been fortunate to have many great customers, some of whom, have been with us since the very beginning. Decatur Taxidermy is very proud to be the official taxidermist for BuckVenture Outdoors prostaff member Brother Terry as well as outdoor writer and personality, Glenn Guess. Thanks to all of you for coming back year after year and we are honored that you also recommend us to your friends and family.

   We continue our education of the latest techniques and trends in taxidermy through attendance of taxidermy seminars, conventions, and competition entries. We continually study wildlife reference through pictures, video, and live, in nature. It is our desire to continue to refine the artistic quality of each and every piece that we have the pleasure of working with. We also strive to provide the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

   With technology at almost everyone’s fingertips these days, our eyes have been opened to more possibilities and options than any of us could have imagined just a few short years ago. You can find an unlimited spectrum of information and images covering any subject from A to Z. Although you can search through an almost unending collection of images, seeing what that image portrays with your own two eyes in person, many times, reveals a different perception.  We invite you to stop in and look at our mounts in person as one dimension photographs are unable to accurately capture their true depth and beauty.

    We are fully aware that many hunters spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year on deer leases, food plots, feeders, deer corn, trail cams, bows, rifles, and an array of other hunting supplies and equipment. Some of you invest many hours in land and wildlife management as well. Our wish for you is that after all of the effort you put into your trophy, you do not choose your taxidermist based on cost or a short turn around time. After all, you will have a lifetime to enjoy a quality mount.

   After you hunt like you mean it, 

   Mount It Like You Mean It……..