Caping Instructions

How To Cape A Deer

Cut completely around the deer at point “A” on the ribcage.  Cut around the legs at point “C” leaving the armpits alone.  Connect cuts “C to A at point B”  on the back-side of the front leg.  This will allow removal of the skin from the body and neck.  Skinning the head  should be left to your taxidermist.  Leave plenty of brisket and never cut the throat of a trophy animal.

Do not make your belly incision forward of this point.

This is the approximate location of  “point A” and where the cut around the ribcage should be.

Cutting around the legs at “point C” should be right at the knee joint.

Connect cut “C” to cut “A” on the back side of the front leg where the brown hair meets the white hair.
As you bring your cut from “point C” to “point B” cut just to the outside of the swirl of white hair in the armpit.

Continue to carry the cut parallel to the brisket and belly area without veering inward toward the armpit nor outward toward the side and back.

Approximate location of “point B” where you will “connect cut C to A at point B”.

Make these cuts on both sides.

Begin skinning the hide forward to the base of the head. Cut the head off leaving approximately 3 inches of neck to allow for an accurate measurement for your mount.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

The first cut is too far up the brisket toward the neck. Don’t cut in front of the front legs.

Instead of cutting down the back of the front legs on the line where the white hair meets the brown hair, these cuts were made across the inside of the front legs and across the armpits and the brisket.

As seen on the form, it becomes clear why the white hair in the armpit area should never be cut.

Improper cuts on the back of the front legs affect the shoulder mount most adversely and are the most difficult and costly to repair.

Leave more than you think is necessary, preferably the entire hide, as the taxidermist can cut off what he doesn’t need, but cannot add it back on. If you are still unsure of the proper caping procedure bring your trophy to your deer processor or Decatur Taxidermy.